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Prom Chat! Your Guide To Getting The Perfect Airbrush Tan.

Hey! Welcome to my first blog post!

I'm going to keep it real, I've been putting off this blogging thing because I'm living in a text world and I may have developed poor grammar. I promise, at the very least, I will use there, their and they're properly and that's what's really important. Please take these tips and use them, but judge not for my writing skills haha. If there's something you want me to post about, let me know :)

Let's chat prom! It's the day you've been looking forward to all year (or all 4 years of high school), you've picked a date, a dress, shoes, limo, hairstylist, makeup artist..and what is the one thing everyone puts off until last minute? You guessed it, their tan. The thing that covers your entire body and lasts a week...Oh the horror! ::insert scared face emoji::

Now is the time to think about planning ahead for the big day, here's a guide to help you acheive the best results:

Not all tans are created equal Did you know that most states do not regulate spray tanning or require any sort of training? This is the thing that makes me sad to admit about my own industry but important to note. I would love to say that any business that advertises tanning is knowledgeable in tanning, but that is not accurate. Every year, I have girls frantically calling me before the prom because they went somewhere else and they left discolored, streaky or blotchy and want me to fix it. Remember, cheaper is not always better (and generally speaking, it's not better. There is always a price difference between a Master Stylist and an Apprentice because one has more experience than the other. The same goes for spray tanning.) Ask questions, read reviews, make sure the person who will provide the service for you will deliver the results your looking for. If someone is running a cash only, off the books business and no website listed that is a red flag that they may not have a legit legal business, proper training and don't hold themselves at a higher standard.

*Schedule a trial at least two weeks prior to your event. This is the most important. In rare cases, some people may not be great candidates for tanning. Your skin type, activity level, skin conditions, skin care regime will all play a role in determining how you tan. Book a trial to get yourself accustomed to how to prep and maintain is just as vital as making sure it is the right color for your event. This is especially important if you are a teen on acne medication, or use acne treatment products (benzoyl peroxide, salycylic acid, etc) as they encourage cell turn over and can potentially strip the tan or prevent it from developiong all together. This is not something you want to chance before a big event.

Preparing for your tan Shaving, Waxing, Manicures and Pedicures should be done prior to getting tanned (preferably 24 hours prior). If you are a regular self-tanner or spray tanner..make sure you exfoliate and remove all residual tan before your event tanning session.

DO NOT GO INTO A TANNING BED! and do not tan in the sun. It is not a base tan, it is not a health way to prep for a spray tan. I have heard that there are companies telling people to prep for a spray tan in a tanning bad, and that is severely inaccurate and dangerous up$elling ploy. Tanning beds cause your skin to look red and ruddy and will give your skin an orangey hue which is the exact opposite of what we're going for. Also, If you have tan lines they will be harder to cover up. You may feel like you're too young to worry about skin health and aging but everything you do to your skin now will not show up until your 30's. A single tanning bed session increases your chance of skin cancer by 20%.

Schedule your Tan Book early! This is a very busy time, reserve your spot as early as you can. Schedule your appointment 1-2 Days prior to your event. Keep in mind you cannot get wet for 8 hours, so do not book a tan before a sport, workout or dance class. Sweat will act as a barrier and prevent the tan from developing. If you are in a sport, schedule AFTER playing, and make sure you have time to shower so there is no sweat on your skin.

The Day Of Your Tan:

  • Again, nothing on your skin (lotion, oil, perfume, makeup).

  • Bring a change of dark, loose-fitting clothing.

  • Be prepared for tan lines; Whatever you wear during your session will leave you with a tan line. I provide disposable thongs and beandeau tube top. If your dress is backless or very low cut in the front, and you do not want those lines, be prepared to bring pasties or go without a top if that is comfortable for you.

  • Arrive prepared and on time so your technician is able to take the time to give you a perfect tan.

  • Do not get wet for 8 hours or wear tight clothing. No showering, sweating, lotion, or anything liquid on the skin.

After 8 Hours:

  • Make sure the water runs clear, this is just the cosmetic bronzer. Your tan does not rinse off in the shower, it sits on your first layer of skin.

  • Be gentle on your skin; Avoid scrubs, loofahs, washcloths, shaving, acne or anti-aging products.

  • Keep your skin moisturized with lotion and drink enough water. Dry and Dehydrated skin look very simliar. Both can cause the skin to get flakey and exfoliate itself. Pro Tip: The best time to apply lotion is directly out of the shower when your skin is slightly damp.

  • Wear sunscreen. A Spray Tan does not protect you from sun damage. If you get a sunburn after a spray tan, your skin can peel off the first layer of skin where the tan is and it won't be pretty.

Have Fun!

The last thing you should worry about is being self conscious about a bad tan, scrubbing it off or hiding streaky skin in photos. This is your day to enjoy and remember for years to come. Trust your skin with a professional spray tanner and book your glow today!

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